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Sightseeing around cat street

Upper Lascar Row is centrally placed in a very historic part of Hong Kong island.  It was in this area, now considered the Western part of the island, that some of the first settlements on the island occurred.  This historic precdent has continued until just recently when the business district of Hong Kong moved to what is now called Central.

Around Cat Street therefore are many interesting sights.

Chinese History

Man Mo Temple - This Taoist temple near Cat Street is the oldest and largest of the 3 Man Mo temples in Hong Kong.  They are dedicated to two Taoist gods, the god of Civil Literature who is called Man Tai and the god of martial knowledge who is called Mo Tai.  Together these gods are thought to guide those taking examinations, and hence have always been important in Hong Kong.  The building is a declared Grade I monument  as it was built in 1847 and still largely unchanged with many original features to be seen.  The temple is open for worship 8:00am to 6:00pm daily.  People of all faiths are welcome to visit, there are no special requirements.  The temple is located just above Cat Street at the Ladder Street end on Hollywood road.  There is no admission fee.


Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences‎ - A fine example of Colonial Edwardian architecture this building was originally built in 1902 to be the Pathology Department of the government hospitals. Now it has been converted into a museum there are 11 exhibition galleries.  The museum is located at 2 Cain Road, just a few minutes walk from Upper Lascar Row.  It is open 10am to 5pm except for Sundays and public holidays when the opening time is 1pm, and Mondays when it is closed all day. Admission is HK$10 per adult.

Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum‎ - Dr Sun Yat-sen was a world-renowned revolutionary, considered the founder of modern China, who spent many formative years in Hong Kong.  This museum, located in a historic colonial era building, is dedicated to him. Located at 7 Castle Road it is just a few minutes walk from Upper Lascar Row.  The museum is open from 10am to 6pm except on weekends and public holidays when it stays open to 7pm, and Tuesday when it is closed all day. Entry is HK$10 per person, free on Wednesdays.

Historic Buildings

Victoria Prison - The historic prison building was Hong Kong's first purpose built prison built in 1841.  Located at number 16  Old Bailey Street it is not open to the public but is well worth an exterior look.

Police Married Quarters - Now known as PMQ this listed 1960s residential building, built on the location of the Central School, the first government run school for western children, is now closed and being redeveloped into a creative entrepreneur incubator.


Cain Lane Garden - located right behind the medical science museum the garden with a small children's play area is a great place for the little ones to burn off some energy if they found the museum too boring!

Hollywood Road Park - A little urban park built in traditional Chinese style this is a great place to take a break and enjoy the ponds, pagoda and greenery.  The location is historic as it is where the British first declared possession of Hong Kong, hence it was called Procession Point originally.  Later it became famed for an outdoor nighttime market or Bazaar for eating at night, one of the so called "poor man's nightclubs" of the 1960s and 70s.


Cat Street
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